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Nouveau Granola is a new version of a breakfast cereal that was invented in 1863 by Dr. James Caleb Jackson for his prominent health spa in Danville, New York. Through the years ‘Granula,’ became Granola, fruits and nuts were added and a thriving industry developed. Nouveau Granola is my version of this very popular food item. Made with oats, nuts and dried fruits, the flavors allow a myriad of uses that are delicious and add a unique dimension to the basic three ingredients. It is made to order to assure freshness, up to two weeks and longer refrigerated. All ingredients are bought in small quantities, organic if available and extra virgin cold pressed olive oil is used in the baking process. Sourced from a family owned business in Modesto, California, Extra Virgin cold pressed olive oil is made from puree of cold-pressed olives (there is no heat involved). Regular olive oil is a blend, including cold pressed and processed oils. Extra Virgin cold pressed olive oil is the healthiest of plant oils and is high in nutrition benefits, and full of vitamins and healthy fats. Developing the recipes I discovered using EVOO the granola was crisper and stayed fresh longer.

There are five unique flavors, that can be used in a variety of ways


Toppings for yogurt, ice cream, waffles, pancakes or can be sprinkled on leaf or fruit salads. The granolas are also a wonderful accompaniment to cheese and makes a beautiful presentation and delicious addition to Charcuterie boards. My mountaineering friends tell me they are a perfect and healthy snack while out on the trail..


Orange & Cinnamon -

oats, cashews, Virginia peanuts, glazed orange peel, a melange of raisins, infused with a collection of spices and of course Ceylon cinnamon.


Rosemary Fig -

a sweet savory combination of oats, dried figs, glazed lemon, toasted Marcona almonds, organic white chia seeds, a touch of Celtic citrus salt and a subtle hint of Rosemary.


Kiwi Strawberry -

delicious and colorful this granola combines oats, flax seeds, diced dried kiwi, cut dried strawberries, strawberry flavored coated raisins, touch of lemon, vanilla and sweetened with orange blossom honey.


Apple Ginger -

diced cinnamon apples, diced ginger and currants are mixed with oats . The mixture is combined with a melange of wonderful spices and tossed with roasted slivered almonds.


Blueberry Lavender -

a subtle flavor extracted from Lavender buds combines with blueberries, lemon, cardamom and vanilla. Colorful purple chocolate coated sunflower seeds are added....just for fun.

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