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The origin of these delightful cookies dates back to the 1600’s from Southern Germany, the Alsace region of
France and parts of Switzerland. Originally they depicted Biblical scenes to tell their stories. They were also
used to celebrate holidays, announcements of weddings, births and change of seasons. The word Springerle
comes from an old German dialect meaning ‘little jumper’ or ‘little knight.’ The cookie’s embossed image rises
(or jumps) up from the cookie base when baked. Traditionally Springerle were always flavored with Anise seeds,
however lemon, orange or other flavorings can be used. There are hundreds of molds, replicated from as far
back as the 1600’s. The cookies take four days to make and 3 to 4 weeks of storage for best flavor. The cookies
can be their original color, a color of your choice or the images can be painted.

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