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Madeleines, a petite gateaux from the Lorraine region in Northeastern France. Since the 17th century Kings and peasants have enjoyed these small cakes. Delicious with  your morning coffee, enjoyed in the afternoon with tea or voraciously eaten as an afternoon snack with milk or hot chocolate.  


Biscotti, derives its name from 'bis' meaning twice and 'cotti' meaning cooked. A hard, dry biscuit that originated from the Tuscan city of Prato in the 14th century, it was a staple on long journeys.  It is also known as Cantucci di Prato, developed in the Middle Ages the original biscuit was made with almonds reflecting the region's plentiful almond groves. There are many variations of this popular biscuit.  Offered are: Hazelnut Orange, Chocolate Almond, Citrusy Lemon and sesame seed Biscotti Di Regine, called the Queen's Biscotti in Italian.  
Biscotti is delicious dunked in coffee or as an after dinner dessert dunked in Vin Sarto.

Ricciarelli are lovely cookies originating from Siena, Italy. Dense with an almond flavor, chewy with a subtle hint of orange and beautifully crackled on top, with an added bonus of being gluten and dairy free. Exquisite with a wonderful cappuccino and a splash of Amaretto or Cointreau



Linzer cookies are beautiful, delicious cookies named after the city of Linz in Austria. 
Originally a Christmas tradition they now are enjoyed year round.  Black currant jam is the original filling, but raspberry, apricot or another favorite can be used. The cookies are made according to your specifications on the cut-outs depicting a specific holiday or celebration and your favorite filling.


United States

A favorite in America, the Chocolate Chip cookie has many variations. Mint Chocolate with mini chips won't disappoint.  Cardamom Ginger Squares is a family favorite. Delicious with tea, coffee or milk the cardamom and ginger is a delicious and unique pairing of flavors.

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